State Throws Out CRCT Test Results

Rachelle Culpepper says her son Austin is a straight A student.

She says Austin was confident before the CRCTs this year ...and managed to do well, but not as well as he would have liked.

"Austin was so crushed yesterday when we got the grades that he didn't do as well as he did last year and he moped around all afternoon," said Rachelle who is a mother of two 6th graders.

"Some of my friends did good..some did bad but all of them are upset because none of them did as good as they did last year," said Thomas County Central Middle School Honor Student Austin Jones.

However Austin was one of the lucky ones that passed.

Preliminary test scores show only twenty to thirty percent of sixth and seventh graders in the state passed the social studies exam.

Wednesday state superintendent Kathy Cox released a statement saying 6th and 7th grade social studies scores will be thrown out.

Cox says the tests have been under intense scrutiny and this decision is based on a need to revise the curriculum and

However scores from the 8th grade math test will stand, even though 40 percent of students failed.

8th graders are required to pass the reading and math exams to move to high school.

The state plans to use 1.4 million dollars to help schools offset the costs of summer classes.

"My initial feeling is that 1.4 million dollars is not even going to begin to address the financial problems this is going to impose on school systems-not just ours but I mean statewide,"said Scott James, Director of Research and Accountability for Thomas County Schools.

Cox says the drop in scores was expected this year because the tests were more difficult .

Kathy Cox made it clear there was nothing technically wrong with the grading of the tests.