Sounding Off : FSU

A resounding alarm blared across FSU's campus Thursday morning.
But it was only in preparation for an emergency.
The siren may sound alarming, but it's music to the ears of the Johnsons who say now they feel more comfortable about their incoming freshman daughter attending FSU.
Mrs. Barbara Johnson said, "We could actually hear it inside the big conference room, TV room, I don't know what it is, where they do the movies inside the Life Center. So that was really good because you could hear it."
The FSU Police Department wants everyone on campus to hear it, especially during an emergency.
On Thursday, it was a test of the FSU ALERT emergency notification system. This includes the sirens, as wells as web site, hotline, radio, and computer pop-up alert messages.
MAJ James Russell with the FSU Police Department said, "So we have a way that which we can alert everyone pretty much all at once to say hey something's happening."
The system was activated April 3rd when a case with the word
"A-Bomb" scrawled across it was found in a pick up truck in a campus parking garage.
It turned out to belong to a
17-year-old who told police that "A-Bomb" was his nickname.
FSU student Joe Gilday said,"We got a little pop up on our text message and I got an e-mail, too saying that there was a suspicious box on campus and not to go into the garage."
The blue light phones did not flash during the test, but student Christian Perrin has faith in them.
She said, "Just press the button and someone from the FSU P.D. will respond to you. Ever since I was a Freshman I always felt comfortable with the call boxes that are located around campus with the blue light. Now the FSU ALERT system just makes me feel even safer."
FSU police officers will thoroughly evaluate what worked and didn't work in the alert test during a meeting next week.
The FSU ALERT is tested every semester.
FAMU also has an alert system in place.