6-Year-Old Little Girl Left On Bus

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Every morning, Randy Tew says his daughter Autumn gets up at 5 am to start her day.

Tuesday morning she ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth and got on a bus headed for Hand in Hand Primary School.

But that morning she was extra tired and dozed off.

The driver took the kids to school and drove back to the bus yard, but Autumn was still on the bus sound asleep.

Luckily two other drivers heard her crying and took her back to school but Tew says he was never told about the incident.

"The first thing that went through my head is what if they didn't find her. What could have happened to her? And I just can't talk about it because I break down..her and my wife are my everything,"said Randy.

Tew says's he feels very fortunate that someone found her when they did.

He says Autumn has asthma and he is fearful something terrible could have happened if she was left in the heat any longer.

"Wednesday morning she was scared to get on it because she was afraid she was going to be left again...I talked to her and walked her out to the bus and she got on it but I could see it in her eyes," said Randy.

Randy says he's relieved his daughter is okay but he is angry it was never reported to him.

"That's our fault as far as not informing the assistant principal of the bus that she had been left on the bus and did not let the administrators know where they could inform the parents if they so desired,"said Dennis Cain, director of operations for Thomas County Schools

Cain says besides a bus accident, a child being left on a bus is the school district's biggest fear.

The driver has been suspended until the investigation is complete.

The director of operations says that all of the bus drivers take their jobs seriously and the safety of the children is their number one priority.