Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

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Its called the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program, and its offered at Valdosta Technical College.

With an increasing number of motorcycle riders hitting the road, safety is a top priority.

Professor Michael Young is involved with the program, and says from 2000 to 2005, motorcycle purchases increased by 150 percent.

With these record high gas prices, getting 50-80 miles a gallon on a motorcycle is quite a deal.

So, Valdosta Technical College is teaming up with the Georgia Department of Driver Services to offer the Georgia Motorcycle Safety program.

Michael Young says those interested in buying a bike should give it serious thought.

Young says, "Many think a motorcycle is similar to a car- once you learn the mechanical aspects, you get on the road and drive. Unfortunately, that can lead to some serious injuries."

This is a 22 hour course offered over four days, and upon completion, students will meet the state driver's license certification requirements.

The cost of the course will include the use of a motorcycle and equipment during the course.

If you are interested, call (229) 333-2122 and ask to be added to the waiting list.

For additional information, contact Michael Young at (229) 245-6581.