New Gang Activity In Lowndes County

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Bob Bolton is a member of the local gang task force. He says the markings on Camellia Drive mean that a gang member most likely lives in the area.

"Anytime you have a gang problem, you've got to get on top of it quick. This was reported to us last week and we were on it the very last day," says Bob.

Bob says there are markings left by the crips and the bloods. He says even this white shed had several markings, but have been since removed. Even though no one was injured here, he says the graffiti is a serious matter.

"It is a bigger picture because anytime you've got activity like this, you have 3 or more individuals that are involved in some type of criminal enterprise and they've taken the profits of that criminal enterprise to use for their advantage then you've got a big problem," added Bob.

Lowndes County residents say gang activity is not visible but it's scary to think that it's out there.

"It affects all sorts of things from education drop out rate to crime rates to residents safety," says local resident Erin Huskey.

Bob says gangs mark over each other to show that there is gang activity. He says the main reason individuals join gangs is for a feeling of belonging.

Lowndes County deputies say there have been no arrests and that the investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office asks you to call them at 229-671-2900.