Florida Folk Festival Draws Large Crowds

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No matter how old you are, there is something for everyone at the Florida Folk Festival.

The festival is a three day event and draws folks from all across the country. Organizers say it's a time to sit back and enjoy, but also learn about folk music and "folk-life".

"You start to learn how the work that goes into creating the food that we eat of that we buy in the grocery stores and gives you an idea of where you come from," says festival-goer Greg Durrance.

"It's a celebration for the last 56 years of life in Florida. It's the one opportunity the state of Florida puts on for the people of the state of Florida for the division of state parks to celebrate Florida, it's music," says technical director Tom shed.

Festival goers munch on cornbread and ribs and can listen to a variety of award winning folk singers.

"This is our third time to the festival and it's everything we expected it to be. It's exciting and it's an adventure and we get to hear wonderful music," says festival-goer Sharon Pongetti.

"The heart of the festival is that the musical diversity that we have. Musicians from every corner of the state of Florida performing every kind of music you can possibly imagine," adds Shed.

Festival goers say they not only enjoy the music, arts and crafts, but also come away with a piece of history.

If you still want to head out to the Florida Folk Festival, the last day is tomorrow. It's located at the Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park in White Springs, Florida.