High School Graduate Overcomes Many Obstacles To Accomplish Goal

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For 21 year old Yinessa Williams, May 22, 2008, was a very special day--she earned her high school diploma from Bainbridge High School.

But this is her second shot at school, dropping out when she was 17 to take care of her sick grandmother.

But it was her grandmother who gave her the determination to go back to high school.

"She said achieve your goals, she said if I live to see you get your diploma that would make me very happy,"said Yinessa Williams.

William's grandmother passed away before she was able to graduate and left Williams her house.

But unfortunately, Williams is living there without electricity and running water.

She says she studies by candle light at night.

And when she needs water, she asks her neighbors.

"You can't hardly bathe yourself because you might not have water, you might have to make the water last and it's hard to eat because you don't have any electricity," said Yinessa.

"I don't think a lot of us know what it's like to bathe with a pot a tub, just water from across the streets, we take the bathroom and hot water for granted," said Reverend Jeff Mills, Yinessa's Pastor.

But, despite her hardships, Williams says she wakes up every morning and makes it to school.

She says she hopes she can be an inspiration to others with hardships proving that nothing should stand in the way of education.

Yinessa Williams says her next step is to become a nurse before eventually becoming a chiropractor.