Should We Slow Down To Conserve Fuel?

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In 1974 the speed limit was dropped to 55 miles per hour nationwide in response to a international oil embargo and a national energy crisis.

Over time gas supplies became more available and the laws were eventually eliminated in 1995.

Driving slower at slower speeds can conserve fuel so we asked some local residents if they thought bringing the speed limit down to 55 miles per hour would be a good idea.

"Honestly I don't think anyone is going to listen to that 55 miles per hour, it should stay the same, if you are going to go slower than that accidents may occur more," said Cairo resident Keith Walker.

"I think if we put it down to 55 I personally think it will make a change, with all the new cars coming out 34 miles per gallon..your gonna go further with the car so you think if we start going 55 were gonna go a lot further!" said Cairo resident Ariel Balla.

Fuel economy engineers at General Motors say for every 10 miles per hour of increased speed, your fuel economy decreases by 4 miles per gallon.