Local School Employee Wins Car For Going To Work

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In an effort to boost moral and save the school system thousands of dollars...an Attendance Incentive Program was established in Decatur County.

Employees who were able to go a semester with nearly perfect attendance were awarded one to two hundred dollars in cash incentives.

"Oh it's a reward baby it's great, can you imagine just getting a hundred dollars just to come to work everyday I mean this is great I'm really really excited about it I am," said Jean Givens, who won $100 during the end of the year drawing on Monday.

But the grand prize that hundreds of employees came to work everyday to win was the keys to a brand new, payment free car for a year.

So when food service worker Dianna Porder's name was called, the West Bainbridge Middle School Employee was brought to tears.

"I didn't look to receive anything like this out of all the years I've been in the school system, like almost 31 years with another county, it's unreal," said Dianna Porter.

"You know everybody's important, that lunch lady that feeds lunch everyday that janitor that sweeps the hallways, it's all part of the team concept that's so important to have a winning team," said Decatur County School Superintendent Ralph Jones.

1,128 absences were reduced by implementing the program and the pay for substitute teachers will also be increased.

School Board officials say the program was so successful for everyone involved, they plan on using the incentive program for years to come.

In addition to the car give away, several school system employees were awarded one hundred dollar prizes and free gas cards.

"It feels good, for once in my life it feels good with the grace of God," said Porder, who previously was driving a gas guzzling van.

"Our teachers, our employees our bus drivers as you see today Mrs. Porder our lunchroom lady everyone's important and being in school is an important part of the education process," said Ralph Jones.