Breaking Tradition: School on Memorial Day

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Instead of waving flags and taking a moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives, students in Taylor County held books and pens and waved their hands in class.

Students walking down the hall to their next class, listening attentively to lectures and presenting a project to their class would seem like an ordinary day at school right? Not exactly.

These Taylor county students are in school on Memorial Day. An unusual situation that has some parents like Taylor County resident Janice Burr outraged.

"I think its disrespectful to our soldiers that died and been wounded the men and the women for our country for our kids to have to go to school today."

Taylor County High School's Dean Edward Harvey says this situation was beyond their control.

"Working today is not by our choice but its based on the fact that we are in school because of our schedule change mandated by legislature."

Memorial Day has honored service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives. The fact that local children are in school instead of taking time out to reflect has some veterans questioning law makers and the the school board.

Charles LeCroy of the American Legion Post feels "Its inadequate, bad management if you will on the school system, on the superintendent for not arranging their school schedule. There are 365 days in a year why do you have to clobber up one day?"

School on Memorial Day.. something that students, parents, and veterans don't want to become a new tradition.

Taylor County wasn't the only school system to have class in session today. Lafayette High School in Mayo County was also open today.

Taylor County High School Officials said that they're doing what they can to make sure that next year Memorial Day is fully observed.