Jobs Tight For Teens This Summer

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School's out for summer and while many people are taking advantage of their free time -- others are stuck looking for jobs.

"Ideally we want to find something that's fun for us that we get to not be stuck standing around a counter but if that's all we can find, we'll take it," said Karly Thomas-Williams, who found a job this summer.

But unfortunately for teens, finding a job this summer may be difficult.

A recent study by the center for Labor Market studies at Northeastern University shows the summer job outlook for teens is the worst on the record.

The center predicts the teen employment rate is 34.2 percent, which is slightly lower than last year.

Local employers say teens in the market for a summer job should start hunting early.

"It seems like the process for hiring starts a little earlier and earlier kids get back from spring break and they're already putting in their applications to work for summertime," said Tom Everett, director of community relations at Thomasville YMCA.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, summer youth employment will be lower because of higher fuel prices and a reduction in disposable income.

And increased competition from older, more experienced workers will also play a role.

Officials say the best advice for teens in the market for a job is to start searching early and be persistent with a potential employer.

To help teens, the Georgia Department of labor recently announced a grant that will help provide 30 jobs for teens in the southwest Georgia area.