Possible Widening of Old Highway 41

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Highway 41 is a major Georgia artery. The Allman Brothers even sing about it in their song "Rambling Man."

The state Department of Transportation says the county came to the DOT asking for help in widening the road.

Residents want to know what exactly the project will entail.

"I mean it's going through homes. It's just taking down a lot of things," says Lowndes County Bill Allen.

The county says the the project which would be paid for through DOT funds is in discussions right now.

"The project is still in the discovery phase. This is something that the local governments, Hahira, Lowndes County, Board of Commissioners have been discussing prior to 1992," says Lowndes County Spokesperson Paige Dukes.

Officials say the widening could potentially help traffic flow, but residents say the proposed four lane highway, with bike paths and an extra 8 feet of of highway on either side, needs to be revamped.

"A lot of them are upset and I too was myself because of the way they're going to do it. I just don't feel like we need that big a change," says Hahira Mayor Wayne Bullard.

"We want to look at what's safe. We also want to be very respectful of those residents who live on that road," says Dukes.

The DOT says it plans to hold a public information open house to get more input from local citizens.