Got Game: Thomasville Dragons Soccer

With a homegrown talent like Charlie Ward, it's easy to see how Thomasville is linked to the sport of football... But it's the other type of futbol that gets the spotlight this week. It's time to go pro with the Thomasville Dragons.

Searching for a professional team in the Rose City? You're looking at one. The Thomasville Dragons are part of the Women's Premier soccer League, proof that the Rose City has some sweet talent.

Kelly Stevens, Thomasville Dragons Midfielder Says:
"Thomasville and Tallahassee have good soccer programs, so this is good."

Sarah Davis, Thomasville Dragons Midfielder Says:
"This is just a great opportunity for women in this area because after college, there's not a whole lot around here for women to keep playing soccer. This is actually a nice fully fielded women's competitive league."

Just last weekend, their passion for soccer and strength of the WPSL sent the Dragons to Puerto Rico for a league match.

Davis Says
"It was great... a big stadium... about 400 fans, it was loud and a great atmosphere to play in."

Stevens Says
"Puerto Rico brings a different type of game that was much more challenging... But it was a good experience and a good way to open up our season.

That season debut ended in a 1-1 tie, but the real competition is juggling an off-the-field role while still kicking with the Dragons.

Davis Says
"I have to rush and carpool with the girls to get up here... Then I have a little boy (son) so there's a lot you have to shuffle in yur schedule to fit this in but it's worth it... It's just a few months during the Summer."

Ladies with game is a huge understatment... If you want to see them in action, head to Thomas University Saturday at 7pm, when they take on the Miami Kickers.