Community Mourns The Loss Of Local Paramedic

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Jeffery Harris, a 37 year old Thomas County paramedic, died from undetermined medical causes on Wednesday.

Harris had broken his wrist and ankle after falling off an ambulance Saturday and was at home recuperating Sunday morning when he went to sleep, but never woke up.

Those who worked with Jeffery Harris say he was a generous and selfless man. They say he will continue to save lives even after his death, because Harris was an organ donor.

"He is near and dear to everybodys heart anybody who has ever come in contact with him has always and will always remember Jeff he just made that impression not only with his tone of voice but with his actions," said Lt. Pam Adams, who has know Jeff Harris for 18 years.

Harris's call number now graces the side of an ambulance, and ribbons are being worn in medic's memory. The flag outside of Thomas County EMS also stood at half mass on Thursday to remember the man that helped change a community for the better.

Jeff was not only an EMS, but also worked to gather blood donations, and was an avid donor himself. Those who know Jeff best say he was a happy spirit, and devoted his life to saving those around him.