New Jobs Created in Valdosta

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Just a few short miles from downtown Valdosta, nearly 60 workers are toiling under the hot sun to build a company that works on some hot products.

STEEDA Autosports creates high performance parts for the Ford Mustang.

Brad Lofton with the Valdosta-Lowndes Industrial Authority says this is a big deal for the area.

Lofton said, "This company will be relocating from Pompano Beach, Florida. This new facility will be their corporate headquarters."

When it’s finished in about six months, STEEDA will bring 100 new high-paying jobs to the area. Lofton says last year 800 new jobs were created in the city, and since January an additional 800 jobs came to the area.

Tom Dill with McDonald Construction says, "I see a lot of new construction, Valdosta deserves everything they have."

The Industrial Authority says this news is good for Valdosta, but some residents we spoke with say it takes away from the quaintness of the city.

Ryan Harris, a Valdosta resident, said, "It feels less like home now. It’s more like you don't see familiar faces anymore."

But Lofton feels this change is a good thing, and says the best days are yet to come, and adding yet another economic boost, this weekend, STEEDA Steed-Uh will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Valdosta, and Mustang enthusiasts nationwide will gather in the Azalea city for the event.

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