Diver Discovers Skeleton in Suwannee River

Authorities are working to identify a human skeleton that was found at the bottom of the Suwannee River.
The Suwannee County Sheriff says a Tallahassee diver found remains of a human being in the Suwannee River.
Hamilton County resident Deborah Jenkins, who uses the river frequently, said, "People probably do come out and go swimming by themselves on the weekdays hen there aren't very many people here. I imagine if you get in there, you get lost."
Deputies say the bones were found Friday afternoon about four miles north of the Suwannee River State Park six to eight feet at the bottom of the river.
Sheriff Tony Cameron said, "At that time we had no idea what kind of remains we were dealing with but it turned out to be probably five year old body that had been missing in the river for at least five years."
The sheriff says on May 31, 2003 two boaters were canoeing and one disappeared and was never found.
He says the dark brown color of the remains and the location where they were found leads them to believe it is that missing person.
Katheryn Appling, a Suwannee River visitor, said, "It's sad that they havent been found earlier. I feel for the family. I'm glad they have been found now."
The remains have been sent to the medical examiners office in Jacksonville, Florida. Sheriff Cameron says there was extensive dental work done to the remains.
At this time, authorities are not releasing the identity of the person who they believe the remains belong to.