Locals React To High Gas Prices

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Just when you thought they couldn't get any higher gas prices hit another all time high averaging out at 4 dollars in America.

What were once just shocking numbers are now a depressing reality for people all over the nation.

"If it goes up one more dollar...that's it man..I'm through," said Thomasville resident Ladarrien Sherman.

Some gas stations are putting up signs to prevent people from stealing gasoline.

"The last week before we put up the signs we lost 900 dollars in gas drive offs because people would pump the gas and then they didn't have the money to pay for it," said Cherie Sherman, store manager at the Thomasville Jack Rabbit Gas Station.

But the high price of gasoline and fuel are also impacting local governments.

"Most of our gas consumption is in the fire department and the emergency medical service and public works so due to the nature of those services, those are the types of things we have to provide regardless of the cost," said Mike Stephenson, Thomas County Manager.

The Thomasville fire chief and assistant police chief say they've been coming up with ways to offset the costs..while still providing a service.

"We're mandated by the state to have a certain amount of training hours from outside agencies and how we get that training is normally travel out of town and again its a mandated amount of numbers so were looking at bringing that training here as opposed to sending people off all that fuel just keeps on going up," said Bryan Croft, Thomasville Fire Chief.

"We're doing more stationary traffic observations such as radar or monitoring high accident intersections again, stationary with all the vehicles, shut off and gett ing out of cars in business areas and residential areas and the cars are shut off," said Troy Rich, Thomasville Assistant Chief of Police

While all local officials agree that fuel and gas prices are high they say it is just another part of life that they have to deal with.