Valdosta Residents Complain about Patrons at Civic Center

Now county commissioners are stepping in.

The center is often used for fraternity events or birthday parties, but nearby residents say they've been too loud.

So on Monday, the Board was presented with a proposal to update the alcohol policy at the center.

Paige Dukes, a Lowndes County Spokesperson says, "The time and place for an all-out brawling party like you might have in your home or at a fraternity house or some private facility, that is the time and place for those sorts of things."

Irene Johnson, a Valdosta resident, says, "I seem to think they should stop their music at about 11 o'clock. But I mean, they get one tune and I mean it seems like you go over there and ask them to turn it down, the louder they get."

Revisions to the policy may include a designated time of the day when alcohol can be served, or the amount of alcohol in each beverage, or even the banning of alcohol altogether.

The board is considering the proposal and is expected to make a decision in July