America's Second Harvest Opens In Thomasville

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With gas and food prices on the rise, so are the amount of families that are turning to food banks for help.

America's Second Harvest is reporting a 15 to 20% increase in the number of people they're seeing, compared to just one year ago.

"With the state revenue being down and sales tax being 8% again this month, there's a very clear signal that the economy is slow right now and with people being laid off, there's even more of a dramatic need for food," said Senator Tim Golden, who has been working with America's Second Harvest of South Georgia for years.

So in an effort to combat hunger locally, America's Second Harvest of South Georgia has opened a new distribution facility in Thomasville.

"Second Harvest is a great organization that can come in and work with our existing organizations to provide food and to provide hope initially for a better day," said Thomasville/Thomas County Chamber of Commerice President Don Sims.

"Thomasville was a natural fit for us because of so many food corporations that have been donating to us for years and there's such a great agency base here serving the community," said Frank Richards, CEO if America's Second Harvest of South Georgia.

Officials say the non-profit organization's ultimate goal is insure that no food is wasted. They want Thomasville to become a "Zero Waste Community."

"Our core function is to take those donations and provide them back to local agencies," said Richards.

They say 97 cents out of every dollar donated goes right back into the community.

And over the next year, the non-profit organization hopes to feed the local community through thousands of pounds of donated food.