Children Receive Specialist Care In New Telemedicine Clinic

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12-yr-old Sean Harrell has been seeing Dr. Margaret Guill for nine years. Sean's receiving care for asthma.

While still at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Dr. Guill can check Sean's breathing, ask him questions about how he's feeling, diagnose his symptoms and prescribe medications.

"She's miles away, hours away, across the state and I can still talk to her and hear her fine," says Sean.

Greg Harrell says it hasn't been easy for his son, and he's grateful for the care of this specialist and the new system.

Now, instead of Dr. Guill or the Harrell family taking almost a five hour trip for a medical visit. This can be done right here in Valdosta.

"He's been seeing her since he's about 3 and it was a very long journey to get him on the medications he needed," says Greg.

"Just being able to speak to her and figure out how well I'm doing. Just it's nice to be able to know," says Greg.

Children's Medical Services hopes to bring in more specialists with telemedicine and says the pulmonary program has already been a success.

"Down here in South Georgia, we do not have the specialist available so this is able to hook those kids with the specialist they need," says nurse Sandee Simmons.

"You're getting top notch medical care and, for your child, and I mean, you can't beat that," says Greg.

The Center says it sees kids from more than 10 surrounding counties.