Reaction to Announcement of VSU President

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Jonathan Stroble is a grad student at Valdosta State University. He was on the committee that interviewed candidates for the next president of the university, and he says one man stood out.

Stroble says, "Both in Atlanta at our interviews there and in our own interviews here in Valdosta State, he made a special point to speak with me each time."

That man, Dr. Patrick Schloss, has just been named by the Board of Regents as the eighth president of Valdosta State University.

Schloss comes to VSU after a successful presidency at Northern State University in South Dakota.

Valdosta State's Dean of Students, Russell Mast, says Schloss will be a perfect fit in his new home.

Mast says, "I think he's very student centered- the students in the committee seemed to hit it off right away and he comes from a very high academic background."

Schloss says this opportunity is a dream, and he's prepared to face the task ahead.

Schloss says, "The major challenge is to follow two presidencies that have been so successful that the standards are quite high, so I've got a lot of work to do to rise to those standards."

Schloss says he looks forward to starting work at VSU in late July or early August.

In South Dakota, Schloss used to invite student organizations to his house for dinner and he plans to do the same in Valdosta.