Loved Ones React To Family Murder

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Authorities say longtime Ochlocknee resident Eddie Myrick, got into an argument with his son Demetrius about moving a car from the front yard Wednesday night.

And that's when a neighbor says he watched Demetrius Myrick shoot his own father in the face from only a few feet away.

"He walked back over there and stood by his dad like there was nothing wrong he looked dead at me like he you know like he always does. You couldn't tell nothing was wrong," said neighbor John Mitchell.

Family members say 30 year old Demetrius Myrick is bipolar and has a history of mental illness.

But those family members say they never thought he was capable of doing something like this.

"To think that I would have gotten a phone call saying that my dad had been shot by my brother unexpected didn't even expect that to be," said the victim's daughter Lashun Myrick Flanders.

And while Eddie Myrick's kids say they're morning the loss of their father, they say they've already lost one loved one and refuse to lose another.

"If it were one of us he'd never turn his back on us so we know he needs us and we know daddy would be there for him and that's what he would want us to do," said Flanders.

"He was a great man and he was my hero you know and he's gonna be greatly missed," said the Victim's son, Eddie Myrick Jr.

"Words won't describe how much we'll miss our dad that's indescribable," said Flanders crying.

Those who knew Eddie Myrick say he was a hard working man who was very well liked. They say he could be found in church on Wednesdays and Sundays and was a pleasure to be around.

His son Demetrius Myrick had his first court appearance Thursday afternoon where he was denied bond. He is now in the Thomas County jail facing felony murder charges.