Local Marijuana Bust Largest Since 1980's

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It only took one quick glance to see that Law Enforcement Agents have been very busy in Colquitt County this week.

"By any means I'm sure this is not a normal week but it's one we're extremely proud of for all these officers," said Colquitt County Sheriff Al Whittington.

On Monday Drug and Gang Task Force agents seized nearly $7,000 in cash and an estimated $30,000 worth of cocaine from a hotel room being occupied by 33 year old Gary Lewis.

Lewis was wanted on probation violation charges and was obtained at a traffic stop where authorities say he was in possession of some cocaine.

But once authorities raided Lewis' hotel room at the Country Hearth Inn, they found a number of weapons and 346 grams of powder and crack cocaine.

"He will also be charged with trafficking cocaine because of the amount of cocaine he had," said Community Drug Enforcement Unit Commander Jerry Green.

And just two days later, authorities made another astonishing bust arresting five individuals for trafficking an estimated $300,000 worth of marijuana.

"There was almost $16,000 in cash that was seized and a little over 200 pounds of marijuana that you see here on the table," said Sheriff Whittington.

"Authorities say this is a huge bust for Colquitt County. In fact, it's the largest single marijuana seizure since the 1980's," said Police Chief Frank Lang.

"We have enough problems as it is with crime and most of our crimes are surrounded with some type of illegal drug use or drug sales and these drugs won't reach our kids and we're very proud of that we take it very seriously," said Moultrie Police Chief Frank Lang.

"The Drug Unit our Gang Task Force Members are working hard they're following up on information provided to them by the city of Moultrie Colquitt County and that we're gonna be a force to be reckoned with," said Sheriff Whittington.

Authorities hope these busts send a clear signal to local dealers, that drugs will not be tolerated on the streets of Colquitt County.