DadFest 2008

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It wasn't a tie or a tool set that brought hundreds of fathers to Canopy Roads Baptist Church, it was the sound of a revved up engine and the sight of candy apple red paint.

Instead of the usual Father's Day gifts, dads came out, as organizer Johnathan Conrad puts it, to see the best of the best in cars instead.

"They come by and they walk over and talk to the owners and see the Ferrari, and they see the Cobras, and they see the Mustangs, and they're having a ball. I'm a father as well and I do the same thing, I go to every car and drool on it for a little while... so it's really great!"

DadFest was born to give folks an opportunity to give their special guy a special treat.

The open car show is free to the public and featured exotic, muscle and antique cars, motorcycles and trucks.

But even on Father's Day, what the kids want out-weighs their own wishes.

"So far we've only seen a few of the cars, my kids want to go see the monster truck, that's what they're rearing to go for here... big monster truck when you drive up it looks like it could drive over the church if it wanted to," says DadFest participant Glenn Hallam.

So Moms put those ties back on the shelf.

DadFest will be back next year with even more cars to make dad drool.

Next year organizers say they might even bring in a few cars from over seas.