Local Courthouse Evacuated After Multiple Bomb Threats

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Thomasville's Broad Street is quiet most days of the week, but Monday morning after three bomb threats were called in to the Thomas County Courthouse, evacuated workers lined the streets, roads were blocked off by emergency vehicles and authorities were left wondering who could be responsible for all of it.

Authorities say shortly before nine o'clock Monday morning they got word a bomb threat had been called in to the Thomas County Courthouse.

Moments later a second threat was called in forcing authorities to evacuate close to 50 people from the building.

"This morning they were holding one of the courts when the deputies got the report from the clerks office, they immediately began a systematic search of all the floors inside the courthouse and courtroom," said Thomas County Sheriff's Investigator Bob Brettel.

Once authorities searched the building and told everyone it was okay to re-enter a third bomb threat was called in.

Yugonda Stewart, a deputy clerk at the courthouse says she was the one answering the calls. Stewart says in the two and a half years she's worked at the courthouse, she's never experienced anything like it before.

"After we came back in, another call came and I answered, the person on the phone said "didn't I tell you there was a bomb in the building? So I told my supervisors and they told everyone to leave out the building again," said Deputy Clerk, Yugonda Stewart.

For close to two hours, Sheriff's investigators, Thomasville Police, Fire and EMS officials were on scene searching the building and directing traffic away from the courthouse

"Basically everyone is sitting around waiting to go to court and to have their days interrupted by this bomb threat is certainly a disappointment," said Garrett Taylor, who was inside the courthouse during the threats.

Investigators say after searching the courthouse a second time, they didn't find anything suspicious or make any arrests.

They are in the process of tracing the call.

Authorities say those responsible for the calls will be facing felony charges, even if they thought it was a prank..