New Recycling Program in Valdosta

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First Friday is a popular Valdosta attraction. On the first Friday of each month, stores and restaurants stay open late and musicians perform, bringing in over 1,000 people.

Business owners say events in Valdosta's downtown area bring a lot of crowds, but that also brings a lot of garbage.

Zachary Hatcher is the General Manager of Hildegard's, and he says the trash is a problem.

Hatcher says, "Tremendously. There's a lot of waste out there, and a lot of it is recyclable."

The city has unveiled the new Away From Home' Recycling Program, and it's funded by a state grant.

Valdosta's Deputy City Manger for Operations, John Whitehead III says, "The grant is designed to encourage recycling away from home, particularly at sporting events, concerts, special events."

The city has 100 collapsible recycling bins housed inside a trailer.

Since this is state-funded, the only cost for the city is the price of hauling everything away.

The bins can be used for events citywide and at Wild Adventures.

The 'Away from Home' recycling program is ready to hit the streets and event-goers will see these bins outside sometime this summer.

For more information on getting involved with the 'Away from Home' Recycling program, go to our homepage and click on the 'As Seen on WCTV' link.