Local Program Keeps Kids Safe

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In an ever changing society, kids have to be ready to respond to a number of unsafe situations.

Many parents will agree that the world we live in is not quite as safe as it once was, but a safety program in Southwest Georgia is teaching kids hands on techniques that could ultimately save their lives.

From sexual predators to school bullies, children today are faced with many dangerous situations. Many parents are now going to new lengths to ensure their kids stay safe.

"You pray for them in the morning send them to school but then they need to watch and to look for certain things that would trigger that there's danger for them," says Sandra Garrell, who has her grandson enrolled in the RAD Kids program.

"There are sexual predators within every square mile in the United States that's a fact. And we need to be prepared for that in case something was to happen, our children are gonna know what to do," noted Rachelle Denmark, who is one of the course instructors.

During the week-long RAD Safety Education Course, kids get hands on experience in handling different scenarios from a fire to what to do if a strangers tries to attack.

"We are teaching these kids what to do scream loud say no make a scene and run for help. And they also know how to call 911 and describe the situation now," says Denmark.

Safety instructors say if they're able to reach just one child, the course was a success.

"So many of them you see never come home and if they had known how to protect themselves and how to run to safety or how to call 911, we possibly wouldn't have lost a child and I don't wanna think about that so..." says Garrell.

Instructors say one of the things that makes this course so successful is the fact that these kids are having fun while learning how to stay safe. Kinsey Kelley, a five-and-a-half year old student in the course learned a lot.

"We learned not to touch stuff on the counter unless our mom said it's ok to drink it."