Witness Gives Chilling Testimony in Trial


The jury in a 1996 murder heard the taped confession Wednesday of John Turner.
He's charged with the stabbing death of a Tallahassee woman.
Defense attorney Clyde Taylor tried to suppress John Turner's confession by saying Turner felt threatened into admitting that he stabbed 39-year-old Lessie Harris to death.
But the judge ruled that Turner's confession was voluntary.
The jury got to listen to parts of Turner's interrogation from 2005 when authorities say they finally cracked the 1996 cold case.
During day two of trial, jurors heard the audio tape of defendant John Turner flip flop between a confession of killing 39-year-old Lessie Harris and blaming it on an acquaintance DeWayne Dugan.
Turner said on the tape, "He told me he was going to kill me. He's already tried one time before."
Dugan's ex-wife, Alice Hawkins Dugan, was the first to take the stand Wednesday. She claimed that Turner came to her house after midnight July 1, 1996 and told her and DeWayne that he'd "messed up" referring to a girl.
She said, "He had on a white T-shirt. He was trembling and he was covered in blood."
Alice Dugan says Turner took a shower in his clothes that night, and she saw the blood as it washed off the garments.
Harris was found dead July 2, 1996 on her living room floor off Poinsettia Drive in Tallahassee stabbed 35 times with a cut throat.
The case went cold until 2004 when DeWayne Dugan told authorities that Turner did it.
In the 2005 interrogation with Detective Jim Tyson, Turner turns it back on Dugan.
Det. Tyson said, "Where did he hit her at with the stabbing?" Turner replied, "All over." "All over where?" Head, shoulder." Said Turner.
Turner's attorney says his client could have been coerced into confessing during a five-minute break that was not taped during the interrogation.
Detective Tyson says it was only a bathroom break.
Turner was in the Apalachee Correctional Institute in Sneads, Florida at the time of the interview.He says a guard--whose name he doesn't know--threatened him with charges if he didn't speak with Detective Tyson; then he says Tyson confused him.
The prosecutor pointed out that Turner has been arrested at least ten times, therefore he is familiar with how the law works.
Trial continues Thursday.
Some critical testimony Wednesday morning in a Tallahassee murder trial.
John Turner is on trial for the 1996 killing of 39-year-old Lessie Harris.
The ex-wife of a key witness in the case claims that Turner came to her home drenched in blood.
Alice Dugans says Turner took a shower in his clothes that night, and she saw the blood as it washed off the garments.
Meanwhile, the judge in the case has ruled that a previous confession by Turner was voluntary.
Harris was found stabbed to death in her home on Poinsettia Drive in Tallahassee in July 1996.