Scammers Hit Local Residents

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Monday afternoon when Diedra Williams went out to check her mail she says she thought she had gotten a great surprise.

She says she got a letter asking her to be a paid mystery shopper, and Williams says included in the letter was a very real looking check for over 3,000 dollars.

"It said that 200 dollars would go towards shopping and I could keep all of my goodies and that sounded really good, and 3,300 of the money would have to be wired through the money I was like that's a lot of money to go to the money gram, whats all that about," said Diedra Williams.

Williams says she then started researching the Canadian based company on her computer and discovered that others had fallen victim to the mystery shopper scam.

But investigators say this isn't the only scam that's hitting several residents in the Rose City.

Authorities say most of the scams are coming out of Canada, Nigeria and China.

"We're getting reports almost daily of this type of activity going on, like I said the majority of the banks just notify us and turn the checks over to law enforcement, but unfortunately over the past month we've had four victims that have actually had the check passed," said Thomas County Investigator Tim Watkins.

Authorities say if you think you might have gotten a bogus check to contact the Thomas County Sheriffs Office immediately.

The checks are being handed over to the Secret Service.