Local Woman Makes Largest Truffle In The World

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Former pastry chef Debra Russell enjoys creating truffles in her spare time.

One day when she was holding a tiny confection in her hand she began to wonder just how big one could get.

That's when she decided to take on a whole lot of chocolate.

" I applied with Guinness which you have to do, you have to let them know what your gonna do and then they give you the okay and i got into the kitchen with a lot of pots and pans," said Debra Russell.

Russell says it took her nine days and somewhere around 1,500 dollars to create a 339 pound truffle.

She says she's been waiting over a year now to hear back from "The Guinness Book Of World Records" about the status of her truffle.

And just when she thought all hope was lost, she got a surprise in the mail, a letter stating she was the new record holder for the largest truffle in the world.

"I think its great to know somebody who has accomplished something that no one else has and i think everyone's really happy for and glad she succeeded," said Maryann Dziezyc, a friend of Debra's.

"I don't really consider it to be for myself, this is for Thomasville and this is for the United States Of America because now we all share this record," said Debra Russell.

Russell says she enjoys taking on challenges and creating a 500 pound truffle could be in her future.