Gas Station Clerks Notice Angry Customers

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Latoya Lurry works as a cashier at the Petro Gas station in Thomasville. She says lately she's noticed two things; high gas prices and angry customers.

She says as prices get higher and higher some customers come in cussing and some even go as far as throwing money at her.

"Sometimes it really upsets me... but you know what they say... the customers are always right," said Latoya Lurry.

Lurry says part of the anger comes from signs that have gone up due to a large number of gas drive off requiring customers to pay before they pump.

"That is kind of frustrating but I can understand with the high gas prices people might run off with gas," said Thomasville resident Joseph Lurry.

"We should be nice and polite to them as they are to us, and the price it's not in there hands," said Thomasville resident Cora Gloster.

Lurry says she is like every other person out there frustrated at the high price of gas.

" We still have to pay for our gas just because gas is 3.98 we still have to pay 3.98 for our gas," said Latoya.

It's debatable whether we should blame oil companies, government officials or growing global demand for these high prices.

But Lurry says there is one person who you shouldn't blame.

" not take your anger out on cashiers, its not our fault that gas prices are the way they are right now," said Latoya.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas is 4.07 cents, which is a dollar higher than it was a year ago.