Steel Tip Dart Tournament Targets A Big Weekend

The Tallahassee Area State Team will be hosting and competing against 11 teams from the North Region. This includes teams from Space Coast, Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Brandon, Highland and Jacksonville (Jax happens to be the defending champs).

This happens to be the 25th year of competition in Florida.

The main competition begins Saturday, July 12th, at 9am. and continues all day long. There will be 8 matches on Saturday.

The tournament's conclusion is on Sunday with 3 matches beginning at 11am.

The Steel Tip Dart Finals will be in Orlando, Florida this Oct. 10-13th where the North Region winners compete against the remaining 11
teams from the South Region of the State.

The last time we hosted an event of this size was in 2000. We have a lot
to showcase, our Team, Our Capital, and the Finest Colleagues to
compliment us, including your Team. Thanks for your continued interest
and support.

Saturday & Sunday's competitions will take place in teh downstairs ballroom at the Park Plaza Hotel on North Monroe in Tallahassee(formally the Radisson and scheduled to become Hotel Duval).