Common Deaths Cause Confusion

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Two men from Perry were both buried on Saturday afternoon at the same cemetery. This is nothing extraordinary.

What is extraordinary however is that both men have the same last name, the same middle name, and almost the same birthday.

John Henry Alexander and Claude Henry Alexander were both born on the 15th in different months in 1939.

Saturday they were both laid to rest in Perry at the same cemetery. Both funerals were scheduled for 1 pm.

According to John Henry Alexander's sister-in-law, the commonalities caused a lot of confusion among funeral vendors and guests.

Nelly Walker, the funeral director for Evans Funeral Home, is handling phone calls from confused guests as best as she can.

Perry Plaza Florist has received phone calls from families requesting services but the similarity is causing confusion with the flowers as well.

According to John Henry Alexander's sister-in-law, the similarities also caused a mix-up with obituary information.