Shooting at Tallahassee Flea Market

Monday Update

The family of a 21 year old gunned down at a Tallahassee flea market visited the scene of the crime Monday as police still search for his killer.
Those who knew Rony Germinal say he was often misjudged by his outward appearance instead of his heart.
Apostle Shani Boykin says everyone ran to her in the parking lot of the Allen Shannon Indoor Flea Market on South Monroe Street in Tallahassee with the news that 21-year-old Rony Germinal was shot.
She then followed him to the hospital where he died.
Apostle Boykin said, "I began to pray, I began to intercede right then and there. It was just heartbreaking for me. Rony is not my friend, Rony is my family. So it was really heartbreaking to hear that because I'd just talked to him that Tuesday after Bible Study."
Tallahassee Police say it happened Saturday around 5:00 p.m. inside the flea market--the place where Germinal worked.
Flowers now sit in front of his work area and the words "Gone but not forgotten" and other
handwritten messages are on the doors and wall.
His family visited there and was left with the task of packing his belongings as they grieve for a man who loved ones say was unfairly judged by mistakes.
Germinal was arrested in February for making molds of customers' teeth and selling them without a license.
"He was a go-getter, an outgoing person. He knew that he needed Christ in his life and I thank God that I knew him." Said Apostle Boykin.
Police say Germinal's killer sped off in a light green or teal Infiniti.
OFC Dave McCranie, the Tallahassee Police Spokesperson, said, "The one thing that's very descriptive about it is the trunk appeared to be held close by a rope of some sort. Then we had that partial tag. I believe it was C7SX."
Authorities say if you spot this car, do not approach it because the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
Police releases the suspect's description as: a light to medium skinned black male about 5'7" tall, with an average build.
He's unshaven with low-cut hair, and was wearing a green and tan striped shirt and dark jeans.
If you know anything about the suspect or the green car, call Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.
Police say they do not know a motive but say the shooting appears to be a personal matter.
They say they are following several leads.
Apostle Boykin said, "This was just a sad thing for us that this has happened. We're going to miss him."
Sunday Update
Reporter: Shari Loftly

Tallahassee Police say, 21 year old Rony Germinal was shot at about five Saturday afternoon at the Allen Shannon Flea Market on South Monroe Street.

Germinal was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in serious condition. He later died at about seven in the evening.

Police say the suspect took off in a light teal or green colored Infiniti with dark tint, stock rims and the trunk was held together by rope.

The suspect is described as a light to medium skin tone, black male about 5'7"-5'8" tall, average build, unshaven with low cut hair.

At the time of the shooting he was wearing a green and tan horizontal striped shirt and dark jeans.

Police say they don't know what caused the shooting and they are still investigating.

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS.

We will have more on this story as more information becomes available.