The Dangers of Food Delivery

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The job of a food delivery driver can be a dangerous one.

Sometimes one stop can be the difference between life and death.

Jennifer Hall is a Papa Johns delivery driver who was robbed just seven months ago and Saturday night she had to relive the nightmare.

"I just actually got the phone call this (Sunday) morning that my brother got robbed last night, it's a little more serious... he had a gun to his head, they actually pulled the trigger, the gun misfired, or I don't know if there was any bullets and I don't know the logistics of it but they tried to kill him."

Hall's brother is also a Papa Johns delivery driver and was making a run to the Portofino Villas Apartments on Appleyard Dr when two suspects with a gun approached him and demanded cash.

Hall then tried to escape down a dead end path, but hit a tree instead, and the suspects chased him down held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Dazed and in tears he yelled out to anyone for help. Alexis Blackwell came to the rescue.

"I was upstairs in my room and all of a sudden I heard yelling outside my window 'Help!, Help! Call 911!' and I walked down the stairs and I just grabbed my phone automatically and walked out the door."

Witnesses told police that the suspects might be in a nearby apartment.

Upon further investigation, police found two men inside an apartment in building 17 with a pizza, guns, the victim's cell phone, and $12 in cash.