Bank Robber Forgets Committing Crime

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Authorities say surveillance video from a July 2nd robbery of the Georgia Bank in Meigs, shows Melindzo Hatcher pull a gun from his pocket and demand money from the tellers.

FBI and Sheriff's investigators say Hatcher claims to remember everything before and after the robbery, but not the crime itself.

Authorities says Hatcher claims he was high on drugs at the time, and can't remember a thing.

"He admitted that it was him in the video taken by the surveillance camera from the bank, that was the clothes that he was wearing but he could not remember actually going to the bank and doing the robbery," said Thomas County Sheriff's Investigator Tim Watkins.

Authorities are still searching for the get away car, described as a black Oldsmobile Intrigue.

Investigators say they're also searching for the other man responsible.

A reward is being offered in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call Thomasville Crime Stoppers at 229-227-3305.