Hike in Building Permit Fees in Lowndes County

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Under the hot scorching sun, workers are completing a house brick by brick.

But over the past year, Valdosta has seen less construction of these single-family homes.

"We're actually down 20-percent this year over last year," says Valdosta Community Development Director Mike Martin.

In Valdosta, building permit fees go toward paying the salaries of some city workers and services like building inspections.

But the decline in building permits poses a problem.

Martin says, "We can either cut back on the amount of service provided or we might even have to think of deleting some positions."

So as a solution, contractors like Joe Clark will pay 20% more in building permit costs.

Contractor Joe Clark says, "Obviously our overhead is gonna be higher, the cost of doing business, so it won't affect me that much because we're going to send it to the customer."

But officials say if you're interested in buying a home, don't worry, this rise in price will add less than one-percent to residents total home building costs.

This change in permit fees will affect contractors in Lowndes County.