31st Annual Honey Bee Festival Parade In Hahira A Smash Hit

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Hahira, GA - Hundreds of floats, thousands of people and countless hand fulls of candy. That is what makes the Annual Honey Bee Festival so special.

"My favorite part has got to be the cars. The cars and the motorcycles," said festival goer Don Peacock who came out with his daughter Pairs.

"The cars are fascinating. They're really loud. I really like the older cars," said festival goer Whitney Reid who came out with her mom Gina.

Organizers say the Honey Bee Festival actually has one of the largest parades in South Georgia. This year's theme is "It's A Family Affair".

"We come every year and have a great time. The children love it," said Peacock.

You may see some familiar faces in the procession. Everyone from the local Mayor to elected officials in the capital came out.

But just minutes after it started the parade came to a sudden halt. A train running through town interrupted the festivities for almost ten minutes.

"I think that was the first time the train has held up the parade in a long time. But that was great. It just added a little touch to the parade," said Gina Reid.

Yet for all the glamour of the parade and the pockets stuffed with sweets. For these families in the small town of Hahira the sweetest thing of all is time well spent together.