Hamilton Co. School Officials: "We're Working at a Bare-Bones Level Right Now"

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One local school system is bracing for budget cuts that could impact its students by the next school year.

The Hamilton County School District lost more than $800,000 in funding this past year.

And now, administrators anticipate another twelve percent budget cut....which they believe could directly impact student achievement.

"Of course our students, they're the only things that truly matter in any of this and we're trying to protect them but we're also concerned about our staff. It's very difficult for me to look a staff member in the eye and say, 'You may not have a job next year,'" said Martha Butler, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent.

The superintendent says they are doing everything they can to prevent the cuts from trickling down to the classroom..

But she fears budget cuts may eventually lead to fewer teachers, fewer books, and less professional development.