Congressman Hosts Town Hall Meeting

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Many in Southwest Georgia are questioning President Obama's 787 Billion Dollar Stimulus Package.

Hundreds of businessmen and women along with residents attended a first of its kind for Thomasville, Georgia-- Stimulus 101 town hall meeting. Most of them had the same question: Where is the money from the 787 billion dollar stimulus package going?

"I feel like the students should be able to access some of the stimulus money to pursue their education," Thomasville resident Theaser Gilbert said.

"I think especially in the rural areas, different communities, small communities," Twynette Reynolds said.

"I think the stimulus money should go to the people," Cairo resident Glen Maylone said.

Congressman Sanford Bishop set up the meeting as a guide to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act and to explain where that money would end up once it trickles down to Southwest Georgia.

"These funds are put there to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and to invest in long term infrastructure needs," Congressman Sanford Bishop explained.

One area is education.

The State of Georgia is receiving a little more than a billion dollars for the Education Block Grant which funds any required grant for local school systems.

The economic slowdown in the past year has caused businesses to fold, banks to go bankrupt and millions of new homeowners now face foreclosure.

Residents are hoping the billions of dollars from the stimulus package can be their light at the end of this dismal economic tunnel.

Congressman Bishop held the same Economic Stimulus forum in Columbus, Fort Valley and Albany. He emphasizes the importance of folks in rural communities to learn as much as they can about the stimulus funds and the impact they will have on their communities.