64th Annual Lowndes County Ham and Egg Show

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Winnie Anne Wright
February 18, 2014

Lowndes County, GA - "It's something old that's new to a lot of people", says Lowndes County Extension Agent, Joshua Dawson, of the 64th Annual Lowndes County Ham and Egg Show.

He says the show is a Lowndes County tradition he's participated in since he was a kid. This is his first year as one of the event's organizers.

Residents come out to the Lowndes County Extension Office once a year not only to buy, their ham and eggs, but also to sell. The goods are put up for auction during the second day of the show.

"We have a lot of buyers that come out here, we don't even have to send them letters, they know when they Ham and Egg Show is and they're ready to go."

Dawson says residents of Lowndes County raise the hogs or pick them up from a farm in Fort Valley, they're then processed and cured. When they come to the Ham and Egg Show they get rated either fancy, choice, or good, by Ham and Egg veteran judge, Dr. Hill. The ham's rating that determines their price.

"It's an overall grade of the ham. From the way it looks to the way it smells. The texture of it."

A big slice of the show is dedicated to education, for sellers both young and old. One contestant in the egg contest, is only a teenager, but hopes that her eggs have what it takes to take home first place.

"You won't find so many teens coming out here nowadays, so it's good to educate, then you know, I could go tell another one. Just like I've got a cousin in there that's twelve years old. I'ts his first year and I brought him and he's falling in love with it, so, you know, I want to keep the tradition going on", says ShaKira Statum.

The Ham and Egg Show Auction will begin Wednesday around noon and will be followed by lunch.