Georgia Voter Turnout

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ATLANTA (AP) -- Republican voters outpaced their Democratic
counterparts by more than 285,000 votes in Tuesday's primary
election -- a first in the state's history.

Overall, about 1.1 million Georgians -- or 22 percent of active
registered voters -- cast ballots in the gubernatorial contest,
which drew the most votes. Observers say Republicans were likely
energized by last-minute endorsements in a more compelling race.

GOP frontrunner Karen Handel, who hails from Roswell, dominated
metro Atlanta, where the majority of voters live, and all of the
Republican candidates for governor did well in their own backyards.
Roy Barnes, seen all along as the Democratic nominee, dominated the
state and was likely bolstered by black voter turnout, trouncing
Thurbert Baker, who sought to become the state's first
African-American governor.