[UPDATE] 9 Arrested in Drug Bust

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"Drugs ain't gonna never get off the street," said Pleham resident Allis Griffin.

Allis Griffin lives just doors away from this home on Lee Williams Drive ... the home where officers arrested Donald Cheney Wednesday morning.

"I was so shocked about the young man they got because I didn't even know that he was doing drugs," said Friffin.

A few minutes later and a couple of blocks over on Rocky Road officers said they found suspect Lynnard Dennison sleeping in his bed.

"After getting him handcuffed and removing him they found a loaded 45 caliber handgun under his pillow which he had his head laying on," said Pelham Police Department Investigator.

Officers say with the help more than 60 officers from various agencies the Pelham Police Department was able to make 19 arrests.

Officers said checkpoints were set up throughout the city to prevent suspects from fleeing before they could be arrested.

"I was on my way to work near 19 ... there was some officers there and they stooped us and asked for my driver's license and was anybody with me ... I told them no," said Pelham Resident Rossie Wimberly.

Residents said they're concerned about how drug activity will affect the children in the community.

"Children's minds are like recorders and if they see something, whether right or wrong, they tend to do what they see," said Wimberly.

Officers said they're still looking to make three more arrests the names of those individuals are Jackson Parker, Jerell Williams, Anthony Spister and Justin West.
The investigation, called, "Operations Secure Tomorrow Two", has been going on for some time now leading to more than a dozen.

Wednesday's (4-6) bust brought the number of arrests to 16.

Officers said the U.S. Marshals and the Georgia State Patrol helped with the arrests.

Officers said they are still searching for 5 more people.

Pelham, Georgia - April 6, 2011

9 people were arrested this morning in connection with a cocaine dealing drug bust, according to the Pelham Police Department.

The investigation, called Operations Secure Tomorrow Two, has been going on for some time now, leading to a total of 14 arrests.

Officers say they are still searching for 7 more people. Deputies say the U.S. Marshals and Georgia State Patrol helped with making the arrests.

Eyewitness News will provide more information as it becomes available.