Active Shooter Simulation Keeps Local Employees Ready for the Worst

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By: Eames Yates

Valdosta, GA - Fire works kicked off a training excercise simulating an active shooter in the work place. When the roughly 30 employees at South Health District heard the fire works they ran or locked their doors and hid.
After lighting off the fire works the pretend shooter combed through the office in search of potential victims, but most of the office employees did the right thing by staying as far away from him as possible.

One evaluator, Mike Terwilliger, said "don't make yourself an easy target if you can evacuate. If you're going to lock yourself in your office remember the little things. Turn off your light. Lock your door."

The training coordinator, Alfred Goosbey, said "hide or as the last resort, defend yourself. Let that be the last resort. Let that be the last thing you do."

Jeffrey Myers was the actor who played the role of the active shooter. He said "the world has changed so much when it comes to violence with weapons so it's very very good training to do this in any company, private or federal."

Organizers of the drill say the next step is more simulations that involve the community and law enforcement.