Adel Collects Big Money From Law Violators

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- Adel, Ga. - May 02, 2012 -

Agencies in Cook County, Georgia have been enjoying some extra money for the past three years out of the pockets of people who don't obey the law.

Countless drivers are ticketed in Adel everyday. The cash for those traffic violations adds up. But not everyone pays their fines.

Over the past three years the Probate Court has been cracking down on delinquent violators.

"Three years ago when I took office in 2009 we discovered we had over $700,000 worth of unpaid traffic citations on the books for the years 1985 - 2008," said Probate Judge Chase Daughtrey.

Judge Daughtrey wrote a symbolic check to the County Commission to represent three years of extra money - over $100,000.

The tickets were not paid because some people skipped out on court,
others didn't have the money and some simply forgot they had one at all.

"What we've been doing with it is we've been able to hire a Solicitor with these funds to free up some time for our officers to give them time to go do what they do," said Brett Kelly of the Cook County Commission.

The money is added to the Commission's general fund. It's dispersed among several county agencies including the Sheriff's and roads departments.

The probate court is still working on collecting the other roughly $600,000 worth of unpaid tickets.