Coolidge Memorial Baptist Church Moving Entire Building After 111 Years

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Thomasville, GA -- April 13, 2012 --

"We had a lot of people say you can build one cheap as you can move one, well that's not true," said Coolidge Memorial Baptist Church Pastor Mike Keown a day before his church is set to be relocated.

The 111 year-old church will be moved, in one piece, to a new site across the street.

"This is definitely a big move, this is two story on the backside, brick, and it's going to be exciting to watch them pull out with this thing in the morning," said Keown.

The church was established at the corner of Pine Street and U.S. HWY 319 in 1901. Why move? The answer is simple: they want more space.

"One of the things that has happened in the 100 years of the church is that it's experienced growth at different times but it's never had any time to expand, it's landlocked."

In a surprise to no one, it takes a lot of hard work to move a several hundred ton pound church.

"It's a very labor intensive process, that's for sure...they had to dig down and set footing so that they can jack the church up," said Keown.

The church parishioners are hoping for another hundred years, or more, at their new 4 acre space across the street.