Archbold Hospital's North Tower to Feature Cutting Edge Technology

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For many people, a trip to the hospital is never welcome. Archbold Hospital's new North Tower aims to ease the stress and anxiety hospital visits can cause.

"It's more thoughtfully designed and laid out with the way healthcare is delivered today and that's changed a lot over the years," said C.E.O. Perry Mustian.

Construction on the North Tower began in 2010. The 125 million dollar building will add many more facilities to the hospital.

"It contains a brand new emergency department, new surgery department, intensive care unit, intermediary care, and a large portion of our bed capacity," said Mustian.

"We're going to have some of the highest definition resolution cameras in the operating room, which will allow us to see better, allow the patients to have better treatment," said surgeon John Cascone.

There's also added comfort for patient visitors. Couches in patient rooms double as twin beds to sleep on.

"The reality is patients have always thought they needed to go to big cities to get this treatment, but the reality is they don't need to they can stay right here at home," said Cascone.