Arrests Made After Allegations Of Child Molestation At Georgia Sheriff's Boys Ranch

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By: Winnie Wright
July 31, 2014

Four people are in custody after victims reported being molested at the Georgia Sheriff's Boys Ranch.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is handling the case. Special Agent, Steve Turner, says his office began investigating last week, after children came forward alleging they were being sexually molested at the Ranch.

"The allegations are against children on children and not the adults that are actually running the youth home. There's no allegations against them. These are allegations of one child molesting another child," said Agent Stever Turner of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

The Georgia Sheriff's Boys Ranch is a youth home in Hahira, which is run by the Georgia Sheriff's Association. Turner says the facility houses disadvantaged children from across the state.

According to The Ranch, they have around 25 residents who live on the property full time. These are boys and girls who have become wards of the state due to abuse, abandonment, and neglect.

The GBI says four people are facing child molestation charges, 17 year old, Jesus Gomez, has been charged as an adult, and is being held at the Lowndes County Jail. Three others are being charged as minors. They are facing Aggravated Child Molestation Charges, and are currently in Juvenille Justice Centers.

Special Agent Turner says the GBI's investigation is ongoing. He says after they have completed their report, they will pass it along to the District Attorney, who will present it before the Lowndes County Grand Jury.