Art Myers Becomes Dog Groomer!

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Tallahasseee, Florida- August 9, 2012

Cheryl Tyson's business is going to the dogs...really! Each day she hops in her van and heads to a home where she tries to transform a mutt with a mop, into a pampered puppy.
"We're here for your dog!"
My challenge? See if I could cut it as a hound hairdresser!
My mentor today has owned Cheryl's Groom-N-Go for about ten years now. She first learned her skills from her mother, who had a dog grooming business of her own.
At one point Cheryl had four poodles and her mom got tired of doing all the trimming!
"She was like, 'you've got to learn how to do this, 'cause I can't do all these poodles!, '" says Cheryl.

Good thing Cheryl's a pro with poodles. We had three to tackle for this Tallahassee family, starting with Princess here.
Cheryl dives right in and before you know it, the fur's flying.
Then it's on to the ears.
When she handed me the scissors it was a little traumatic. I was worried I'd accidentally cut the dog's ear off.
Next, a puppy pedicure...then it's into the sink for a shampoo.
So what's the attraction of a mobile dog grooming business?
Cheryl says, "a lot of people call me 'cause they have dogs that are deaf or dogs that can't see. They have health problems so they just don't want to leave them there all day long."
We were working at the home of Delia Fowler today.
"We have three poodles that have to be groomed. It's such a chore to load 'em up and then get panicked going to get groomed," says Delia.

No panic for Princess. Today she was getting the royal treatment.

"Gotta give you a rubdown!"
Now it's time for a brush...a blow dry...and a little canine cologne.
Next-- Cheryl's handmade bows. She wasn't too impressed with my bow-tying ability!

"Your bow's falling out! My bow's falling out? I think that's your that's yours!"

So what's the customer think of how Princess turned out?
Delia says, "she looks perfect. It's a great improvement. At least now we can see her eyes!"

Next Victim...Molly, a mild- mannered poodle rescued from a puppy mill.
Not all of Cheryl's clients are so cooperative. One time a big dog took a bite out of her.
" I had five staples in my head! So that was enough of that one!"
Molly was coming along nicely, but now it was time to get down and dirty.
"Art, it's time to do her butt."
"Thanks a lot Cheryl."
"You start right here."
"I ain't startin' right there!"
A before and after picture of Molly is amazing. You can hardly believe it's the same dog!
"I really love it 'cause what's fun about it is I go different places every day, " says Cheryl.
So...after today, was Cheryl ready to hire me on as an assistant?
"I think you did pretty good. Sometimes you were kind of like, you were you were gonna hurt her or something."
Princess and Molly came out cute, clean, and coiffed. Me, not so much.
"The only drawback to getting a puppy nice and clean like that, is that you wind up looking like this! (Art covered with suds looking a mess.)
Cheryl, could you please help me out here?
(Cheryl hoses Art down.)
Oh boy... that feels good! Woo! Thank you...woo! (Art shakes like dog.)
Art says Cheryl had one very helpful tip when you're washing a dog. She says if you hold the back of their neck they won't shake all that water all over you! That's because dogs start shaking from their heads back to their tails.