Art Myers Do My Job: Taekwondo Instructor

TALLAHASSEE 4/12/2012 -- Ray Marky is a four-time world champion black belt,

I was about to get some instruction on how to use muscles I'd forgotten I had!

12 years ago Ray was out of shape too. He'd been taking his young son, Blaine to TaeKwonDo classes for about a year when his wife gave him a surprise birthday present.

"My wife presented me with a TaeKwonDo uniform. I didn't ask to join-- she said 'you're joining!,'" laughed Marky.

Ray fell in love with the sport.

Now, he gets a kick out of teaching skills like sparring,

12-year-old Erin Falls really enjoys these fighting moves. "Cause I also do gymnastics and I can kick really high!"

Ray was keeping me going as we switched to leading a younger class.

We also hit the mats for the obstacle course.

These enthusiastic kids are learning respect, discipline and toughness!

Ray's son Blaine is following in his footsteps, he's a black belt.. and six-time world champ specializing in extreme forms -- combining TaeKwonDo moves with gymnastics.

Ray and Blaine are instructors-- Mrs. Marky does all the paperwork and connects with the parents.

At quitting time I asked for a job performance evaluation.
"You did a really good job. -- Positive-- You took control of the classroom," said Marky.

Maybe I'd found my true calling.

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